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Dear visitor,

Welcome to Smartgrow. Are you interested in creating intelligence in children? You could be a parent, a child or an adult someone who is interested in starting a business, teaching children or may be a combination of the above.

We at Smartgrow Learning Centre have been creating enthusiasm in children since January 2011. I have been in this field since 2006 and with my team we started SmartGrow Abacus in 2011 at Colombo Kotahena. Do write us at and share your thoughts as contribution to us.

Mrs. Menoo Dhevarajpillai,

Chief Executive,

Smartgrow Learning Centre (Pvt) Ltd.

About SmartGrow Learning Centre

SmartGrow LogoSmartGrow Learning Centre offers a whole brain development programme that lays a perfect and solid mathematical foundation in young children in Sri Lanka.

Smartgrow Learning Centre is a leading Abacus brain Development program. Our programme aims to support intellectual development of children during their formative years between the ages of 4 to 14 years. During this age child brain development is the fasted and our abacus programme supports to sharpen Brain power, concentration, visualisation power, retention, grasping, focus and creativity.

We encourage children to travel to new places, understand Sri Lanka and look at the world away from parents and get used to our cultures, demonstrate with confidence, what they learnt with us, over years and win praises and prizes. There is a personal touch, in every relationship that we have within our organization. Even using the world 'organization' sounds different to us.

Our Vision

SmartGrow LogoOur Vision is to become one of the admirable organisation in this world in spreading the values of love, honesty, fun, happiness through our children.

Our Mission

SmartGrow LogoOur Mission is to nurture the children of this world in bringing out the real leader in him/her, who are the hopes for the future of this world. Our aim is to promote heart-based education for every one all over the world.


We have a great team of instructors and trainers. SmartGrow students can get lot of information in this path of breaking the activities as scrabble, colouring, brain gym and kiddies activity and kiddies English course and art craft and holiday activities .


There are materials provided by the team. Junior course is a separate stage. Level one to eight is another stage. Graduation is given after the level completion at the prize giving.

Head office

Smartgrow Learning Centre (Pvt) Ltd.
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Colombo - 13,
Sri Lanka.
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We have our co-operative office in Wattala as well as other franchaises.