Abacus Maths At SmartGrow

Our Abacus Maths Programme

Abacus is an old Japanese instrument which has beads that are used to solve mathematical problems of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimals, square roots, percentage, bodmas sums and fractions whatever we can solve with the calculator can be solve with abacus. As the child uses their both hand to move Abacus beads the brain is completely focused to one task to improve concentration.

The program can be learned at any age once child have basic understanding of addition and subtraction. Child is taken through the training using Abacus instrument where child uses both the hands to utilise full brain potential forholistic brain development using mathematics. This supports improvement in child mental mathematics skills. We have interactive classes where children can enjoy and learn as well as demonstrate their capabilities to parents and friends. The program includes brain exercises (Brain Yoga), puzzle solving, speed writing and dictation to help child gain focus and energise the brain.